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Strumpet game, Espanol girl hunting for boy for strumpet game

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Name: Onida
Age: I'm over thirty
What is my nationaly: Estonian
My sexual orientation: I love male
Body piercings: Tragus piercing

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Version 2. After a longer than planned hiatus, we have returned better than ever!

talent milf Alison

With new art by Roseprix and some dialog by Cap'n Crimson. The new outfits are the ones pictured and we also added 2 new dates for Keet and Ladja. They would really like your feedback, so let us know what you think.

Please tell us what you want to see! Meismike 47 comments .

beautiful bitch Anna

First off, apologies for the long ass time between releases. Normally, when I have no ificant updates I just post the new outfits, but I couldn't do that this time. Because drum roll You can now recruit some NPC's!

married moms Dahlia

I know people have been wanting this, whats the point of having a pretty girl in a porn game if you can't fuck them? Now if you improve your relationship with Keet, Olite, and Ladja you can hire them into your ranks.

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There is also a little date with Olite you can go on if your relationship is high enough. This is how you rank up the girls.

horney girls Ariana

There are still some issues that I am working out, like the NPC faces are actually just hats and won't change with the skin color. I want to make more of these little dates with all the NPC's but I am not a good writer. So if you, or anyone you know, think you can do better, hit me up.

Latest version

Also, when I go for so long without an update I like to just post it for free to everyone. So rejoice!

house asian

Meismike 15 comments. I also implemented another way to enter cheats as I was getting a few complaints about the old system not working for some people.

gorgeous babes Cecilia

And as always, some bug fixes and animation clean up. Meismike 16 comments. It should no longer go below zero, and everyone is less likely to try and escape. I also fixed the release bug Alacarin pointed out as well as making maids actually do their jobs. I've also added a couple tutorials for some rooms.

Strumpets v

Oh and 3 male outfits. Meismike 11 comments. Meismike 10 comments .

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