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Name: Minerva
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In Inquisitor Trainer, you play a female whose job is to investigate a heretical cult. No one is talking to you, and that makes your investigation next to impossible. Somehow you've got to find a way to get information from people with In Monarch of Magic, you, as the main character, will kill the demon king. After killing him, you'll find a magic gem that can be used to control minds. You can also enslave people and corrupt them as well.

Everything you do le you In Supervillainy, you take on the role of a villain in a surprising city full of superheroines. Yes, all of the superheroes in this story are women.

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You'll need to overcome your fears and face quite a few challenges if you have any hop In Superheroes Suck, you play a bored as fuck character who has superhuman abilities. Somehow you find yourself fighting crime as a superhero. All of this le to him getting romantically involved with someone and the rest is as dirty Champions of Liberty Institute of Training - Emma is studying to become a superhero. She is also a lesbian.

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Somehow you must balance her studies and her personal life. She is the type of lesbian who loves to find herself face deep in p Heroes University H game - There's a hidden menace on campus, and it's your job to find out who they are. You're a new student, and no one knows who you are. You can shapeshift, and that means you can control the image people see of yo It's not every day that you stumble upon a superhero that loves cock and taking it up the ass. There are four super hot guys who all seem to be in t Hero Sex Academia game - Something surprising has happened, and it's that a strange gene has mutated and created a new superhuman.

The main character's dad is a superhero, the most powerful hero in the world. The main character is expe Peter finds the real Mary Jane Watson, who is his girlfriend. The problem is, she doesn't remember Peter because of some memory loss issues.

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Somehow y In Kingdom of Deception, a race war takes place between the races and only the strongest survive. The strongest races establish the Kingdom of Lundar. The battles rage on, and everything becomes annihilated. It isn't long before even t You'll have to use those magical powers to fight against some pretty tough enemies. There are a lot of obstacles throughout this game.

This is one of those game You've recently gotten a hold of Nethia's power. This is a futuristic game of good versus evil. Which side will prevail?

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The answer to that question depends on you Hogwarts Restored - You might recognize this game as somewhat of a parody of Harry Potter. You've got to earn money and fame alongside with Hermoine Granger Lady sluttony, who is the Goddess of Lewds, has been completely stripped of her power by three evil people.

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You are her last hope, and you've got to fight enemies and the le Heroes Rise: Prison Break - The villains have taken over and thrown all of the righteous in prison. Something seems different, and you can't seem to figure out what it is. In Hentai Heroes, you get to create your own harem consisting of Hentai babes.

Yes, it's as exciting as it sounds.

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The girls you recruit are important because they will help you win sexual competitions. That's right, your sexual expert Feast your eyes on Sansa, Ygritte, Gilly, Arya, and all the other super hot girls that this game has to offer.

You must do your best to navigate ar The Amazing Spyder-Man is porn gameplay on the Spiderman superhero even though the name is not the same spelling. Spidey here gets to have lots of sex with his high school sweetheart. However, of course, MJ figures out he is really Pet Rumor has it that there are mythical treasures hidden somewhere deep on Valentine Island. You, along with four super hot girls, will search for the treasure.

Sometimes the action is so intense that You can use the arrow keys or mouse to play. You're going through a mystical land where there's plenty of pussy to be enjoyed. Are you u In Altered Heroines, you're a superhero who fights local crime. You also are super horny. Do you have the talent it takes to fuck all kinds of hot chicks and fight crime?

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It's a task that most people aren't up for. Then again, most peo Hero Cummy - U. A High is a school for superheroes that have superpowers. The next generation of superheroes will graduate from this school and save the world.

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It isn't long until you realize that all isn't what it seems. Where there ar You should be aware that this game takes a little time to load.

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He's had ejaculations in the past, but that's neither here nor now. There are plenty of other female s You have a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet two famous characters named Momo Yaoyorozu and Shoto Todoroki. The guys are studying a sex book and learning all about diff Even Batman needs to get some pussy from time to time.


There are five super hot sex scenes in the Spiderman: Into the Fuckverse game, and you can play them all. Spiderman gets to fuck Black Cat and Lucina in this video game. Do you think you have what it takes to get Spiderman laid? Inquisitor Trainer [v 0.

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Monarch of Magic [v 0. Supervillainy [v 0. Superheroes Suck [v 0. Champions of Liberty Institute of Training [v 0. Heroes University H [v 0.

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Hero Sex Academia [v 0. Cosplay Therapy [v 0. Kingdom of Deception [v 0. Yorna: Monster Girl's Secret 37K. The Legend of Versyl: Codename Xaveran [v 0. Hogwarts Restored [v 0.

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How To Be A Hero [v 0. Heroes Rise: Prison Break [v 0.