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Looking for out-of-the box gifts for your husband or boyfriend to add some spice to your bedroom? And one of the best ways of doing it is to get gifts that are playful and interactive in nature. Things like naughty games, lacy lingerie and edibles are some of the ways of showing that initiative. Roll the dice and win a hickey from your partner. Or you can choose to lose and give him a lap dance instead.

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8 meaningful ways to make his day

This post is sponsored by Evite and written as part of the Evite Influencer program. Some of my favorite ever party memories are when we pulled off an amazing surprise party for a family member or friend! We did one for my brother when he turned 18 and I still remember every detail.

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There is just something about surprise parties and that added element of surprise that makes them so memorable! Obviously the toughest thing about hosting a surprise party is keeping it a surprise! Here are a few tips to help you plan and host a surprise party without ruining the surprise!

Surprise for husband walkthrough

The Evite co-host feature makes co-hosting a party easy. Simply add them to the invitation as a co-host and they will receive all RSVPs, responses, and more. Even better if your co-host is willing to host the party at their home.

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You can have food, decorations, and more delivered straight to their home instead of having to hide anything in yours. Take the stealth up a notch by sending invitations via text message. This is especially handy if the guest of honor shares a computer or with you.

15 surprises for your husband. just because

Let people show their appreciation for the guest of honor by helping with their party! You can keep track of all of your RSVPs and who is bringing what all in one place! I already mentioned sending surprise party invites by either text message if you share an or computer or — I also recommend telling people ahead of time by word of mouth. Evite has a huge collection of surprise party invitations for men, women, and even kids, but these were some of my favorites! I chose these because I thought it would be fun to plan an entire party centered around one of these themed surprise party invites!

8 fun & romantic ways to surprise your husband-to-be

Click on the images below to go directly to some of my favorite invites! Or see the entire collection here. These are just a couple of fun surprise party themes I came up with that tie well into the surprise party idea. Plan an entire party around secrets.

Serve food with secret ingredients, play games like Werewolf that require people to keep secrets, or even set up some sort of secret agent activity.

This theme would really only work for a specific person but I think it could really fun anyway! The key is to go light on the cat and heavy on the bag! This is definitely the easiest of these party themes.

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Decorate with balloons, bubbles, bubble gum, and anything else that you could blow. Serve a cake with candles to blow out.

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Serve mind-blowing food. Play the balloon burst game from these birthday party games or any of these balloon minute to win it games. And give people a cute scented candle to take home.

Surprise for husband

Similar to the secret party theme, plan an entire party around surprises. Make surprise cupcakes. Freeze ice cubes with surprise berries inside. Play surprise Scattergories or this gift exchange game using the surprise party poem I created for you printable below!

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Keep scrolling to the very bottom to get a free printable download of all four games. Repeat this exact same thing for three rounds. The person with the most total points at the end of all three rounds wins.

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Before the game, print out the gift passing poem and cut into couplets. Wrap the gift with one layer of wrapping paper then put the final couplet of the poem on top of that layer. Wrap it again and add the next to final layer of the couplet.

15 surprises for your husband. just because

Continue wrapping and adding couplets until you run out of couplets — then wrap it on more time. This is one of my most popular gift exchange game ideas and would be perfect at a surprise party! Note: In the poem, there are mentions of where someone gets a small gift. first name and address below to get the free printables.

Fill a bunch of colored bags with random surprises have one pile for men and one pile for women and let people take a surprise bag as their party favor.

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They can either open it before they go and trade if they want or take it home for a surprise later! Hope that helps!

8 meaningful ways to make his day

the Free Party E-Club! Pinterest Facebook Twitter. Birthday Games. Pajama Party Games and Ideas.

Easy surprise party ideas and printable surprise party games

Party Ideas. Trivia Games. Hunger Games Games and Hunger Games…. Kid Games. Dinosaur Party Games and Prizes.

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25 naughty gifts on anniversary to make your man blush

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