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You play in multiple complex maps with superpowered balls and easy-to-learn, hard-to-master controls perfect for all ages. Special balls like the Moon Ball, which allows players to jump higher, and the Cage Ball, which traps opponents in—three guesses—a cage, also mix up the gameplay. Players can use a glider to soar around the map—or to launch surprise attacks on the opposing team. The game features several different modes, but the most foundational one is Team KO.

The first team to achieve 10 knockouts wins the round, and the first to win two rounds wins the match. Other modes include Face Off, in which brawlers play one-on-one, Ball-Up, where the only balls available are your teammates, and Diamond Dash, where knocked-out players drop diamonds that can be collected by their opponents.

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Players also have the ability to chat with, block, and report others in their crew. Players are shown that sometimes to help your team, you have to settle for making an assist rather than taking all the glory for yourself. In a minor subplot revealed through environmental elements and exposition from the announcer, the residents of Knockout City try to stop real estate mogul Malcolm Magpie from knocking down the key fixtures of their city.

The cartoony nature of the animation also steers it away from serious violence; when the player is hit by a ball and knocked out, they fly across the map before disappearing and respawning a few seconds later.

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A loading screen graphic does depict a character being hit in the face with a ball and a few teeth flying out cartoonishly. During actual matches, players are hit by balls and are thrown across the map like ragdolls without any other physical ramifications. A female character on the title screen wears a crop top that exposes her midriff players have the option to equip similarly revealing outfits on their own characters.

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Finally, as with most online multiplayer games, parents should be aware of the voice chat feature. Knockout City offers the ability for players to talk to their virtual teammates or opponents over a connected microphone, opening the door for a wide range of uncensored content and language.

Knockout city

While the multiplayer modes are the central attraction of Knockout City, there is also a private match feature, where only friends with a specific code are allowed into the game, should parents want to avoid their child playing with strangers altogether.

In terms of gameplay, Knockout City is, quite simply, a blast. Lauren Cook is serving as a summer intern for the Parenting and Youth department at Focus on the Family.

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You can get her talking for hours about anything from Star Wars to her family to how Inception was the best movie of the s. Coffee is a close second. Blog Podcast About. Game Review. Knockout City.

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May 21, ESRB Rating. Electronic Arts.

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Lauren Cook. Game Summary In terms of gameplay, Knockout City is, quite simply, a blast. More by Lauren Cook. Back to Top. Latest Track Reviews.

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