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How will life of Alice turn out? Will she redeem her noble name and life? Or will she just abandon herself and become a sex tool?

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It was initially released on December 1st, in Japan, but the English version — and I use that term very hesitantly — was put on Steam on August 11th, What sets it apart from other games are the 3 game routes with 8 different endings, 46 animated character rape scenes, and no less than 45 different H-scenes. First, I have to talk about the developer OneOne1.

OneOne1 is a Japanese developer of hentai games and doujins. The games they make tend to focus on RPGs, with a few odd ones going into the action and visual novel genres. They love big breasts and molestation.

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A lot of that can be seen in their game to be released in the west, Dark Elf Historia. For a review of that title. The plot in The Heiress or at least what I could understand of it involves Alice, the daughter of some kind of prominent family. There was an attack against her family where both her mother and father were killed.

There was some debate among the attackers whether to kill Alice or to sell her into slavery. In exchange for her freedom, J and Alice were to pay the attackers a monthly stipend. J trains her to use magic guns, and once Alice became of age, she started to accept odd jobs to pay off her remaining debt. This is the point where the player takes over.

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From here on, there are three main routes the story can take: one of purity, one of sex, slavery, and debauchery, and one of violence. The game progresses by giving Alice a quest via a job board or from the game itself. After agreeing to their terms, you can finally do said quest, which usually involves entering an area and battling monsters or bandits.

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Upon successful completion of a quest, Alice is given a sum of money. If unsuccessful, she receives nothing. Battles take place using an active time battle system. Alice and her opponent usually end up trading attacks anyway.

The few things I was quickly lost on were status effects. There were the common effects, such as blind and poison, but there are a few where I had no idea what happened.

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Each of these attacks are animated with a few having a cross-section internal view. These attacks can happen at any time during a battle. Enemies in The Heiress can induce a horny status, an orgasm status, and even cum themselves to death. There is no documentation as to what any of this means, compounded by the fact that the Steam version of the game lacks a manual.

After winning a battle, your character is treated to experience and gold. Levels will automatically increase your stats. Even a tiny bit of grinding, maybe 5 minutes long, can make Alice near undefeatable.

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The difficulty in this game is not the battles but reaching your minimum gold requirement for paying off your debt. Otherwise, the game will present you with different choices to set Alice on her path of virtue or violence.

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The sex moans and noises feel like more ambient noise. The same goes for the music. I struggle to even remember anything that stands out. What makes everything fall flat on its face is the translation.

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Where do I even begin on this? Character names rarely match one another and sound effects become unintentionally hilarious. In a few cases, the text is left in its original Japanese form. It is neither a translation nor a localization. If anything, I would call it a bastardization. If anything, the translation is detrimental to the game. If the art in the game starts to get me aroused, the text on screen takes me out of it. The art in The Heiress is what redeems the game. If you love big breasts and skimpy clothes, this is the perfect game for you.

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OneOne1 takes full advantage of the blonde haired, blue eyed, big-titted western woman. Unfortunately, the character portraits will always have the hand on waist pose, which is somewhat sad. The hentai scenes are usually well drawn. That being said, much of the game uses recycled art assets.

One art piece may have as many as twenty different edits with a new shader or a character in various states of undress. The guns akimbo action pose alone has different versions, which is just downright silly. The positive side, those small edits make the sex scenes more movie-like.

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When it comes to cross-section images, the censorship backs off a bit. Even going into the game files and pulling up the picture directly assuming you patched it to enable the adult content still has them at low resolution. In this update, the developers mention that they added an omake CG gallery with all pictures at a x resolution.

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Now that is quite an upgrade, but there has been no news on whether the North American release will get anything of the sort. The Heiress has porn content for days. Lots of fetishes including lactation, pissing, pregnancy, and even tentacles.

Quite a bit of corruption and public use, for those who enjoy that. What is disappointing is a lack of lesbian content. There are two points in particular that would be perfect for the job, and they missed it. The second missed opportunity is an amazon village. Nothing but women NPCs, and yet not even a single attempted molestation takes place. They could have fit in a double fetish with both muscle and lesbian content at once! Here we have a short RPG game that is killed by its own translation. If even a tiny bit of effort went into the translation for coherency, I could give it a pass.

Even the instructions for patching the game to get the adult version are in broken English. It honestly makes me wonder if the Chinese translation they have available is any better. The Steam version is censored and requires third-party modification to unlock the adult content. The Heiress' main porn content will last a few masturbation sessions, but also covers enough fetishes to cater towards the pervert connoisseurs.

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Yes, I am No, I am not. Unfortunately, these browsers don't support some CSS properties that are important to the layout of this site. We recommend you use one of the following browsers. They're all free and, in our opinion, better. Article Comic. For better or worse, The Heiress attempts to answer this question. You definitely lost me. Pros Well-done art Multiple endings and branching story paths Fair amount of fetish coverage. Cons The inarticulate translation Low resolution Repetitive sound effects and music. LewdFactor The Heiress' main porn content will last a few masturbation sessions, but also covers enough fetishes to cater towards the pervert connoisseurs.

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