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Ucogis st.pattys game, I am hunt for lady ucogis st.pattys game like exotic

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Ucogi Games - St. Patty's Day. Text Secret Menu appears here when the game is finished. Text Secret Menu appears here when the game is finished Personal Notes: This is my first complete Ucogi project after a year of running ucogi.

Special thanks to all Ucogi fans, without them this project wouldnt have existed. Many thanks to Anton for fixing the right click problems and adding the scores in this version. The two earlier versions got great reception but this is the last and most complete version. Patty's Day v3. If you are offended by such material do not press PLAY. For mature adults only!


If you noticed, I'm dressed as an Irish beer maid just for this occasion! But somehow I tore my right garter belt! Following the color theme, the beer has a green color as well! Talking about it I need to clean up these beer stains I got on me Secret Menu! All you need to know about this game Click on Questions: Ucogi answers them during the playable levels. Mouse on Ucogi: Ucogi gives info about St. Patty's Day New info in each level. Mouse on Alice: Alice gets alerted and gets ready to play. During ending she gives a few tips Click on Alice's face: A path appears invisible timer starts counting only when the path is visible.

If the path is followed by mouse, reaches the target and Alice attacks.

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Otherwise the level restarts. Bottom Menu: Instructions, profiles, credits provide basic info. Links: Ucogi. Anton K. The theme is a remix from Zelda64 made by ATProductions Ending: You know the game is over when it starts raining clovers! Comic: Provides dialogues and a tribute to the faithful fans of Ucogi. Boobs seem more slippery now! Originally made in 8 days. Scenes Gallery: You won!

Ucogi games: st. patty's day

So now you have the right to view the animations over and over! That was a lie then, but I decided to grant his wish. It is a "dream sequence" because Ucogi is too innocent for that! Yuri: An original animation that took 3 weeks to make. Anyone who want's to see Alice naked Get to the Ending from any level: See the red spot down there?

Ucogi's game

It's an invisible button that can get you directly to the Ending! Thats your reward for finding the Secret Menu! History: The game was created from a single image. I was trying to find out what Ucogi image to make for March.

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The fans thought that a St. Pattys outfit would be great but they couldnt agree on the details. So I decided to add all the suggestions, using my limited as2 programming skills into this simple game and keep everyone happy. As an educationsal bonus, Ucogi presents facts and details about St. The result was very good and the reception was mindblowing.

Author comments

It's the first game I originally made entirely alone. Minor bug and maze fixes. Thank you for playing! Veins I got carried away! You did this? How could you? I was merely trying to make a point. Look around you.

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This is a celebration. You are supposed to have fun but instead, you work your ass off. You need to chill. Yes, your butt needs spanking! Take a look around.

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You see any familiar faces? These are my friends! I was so busy I didn't even notice! I declare this day to be St. Party's Day! Any objections? Now bring the hose! Timer activates only when I try to attack. Next time I can get a better score if I play faster!

How about a "Thank you for playing"? But maybe it's me that I should be thanking you! T-Thank you for playing! There's nothing else to see here! G-Game Over! Have the mouse over Ucogi's face or click the questions to learn facts about St Patty's Day and Irish customs. Click on Alice's head to start the real game!

A path appears and it needs to be followed by mouse. Reach the target to attack and advance levels!

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Speed and accuracy will give higher score at the end. Y-You killed him?

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I warned him, didn't I? He'll live, dont worry. But no more parties for him for a while. Maybe I can help him recover faster Everyone is gone and I didn't get any tips! Yes, that guy ruined your chance to get some pocket money! What a jerk! Actually I was talking about you! Thanks for caring.

My mood is gone too.