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As we venture further into the 21st century it seems our digital entertainment is getting better by the second.

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While video games have continued to tackle more mature themes and concepts over the years, motherhood is still something that seems to be rarely explored in gaming. So it's refreshing when a video game or series features a character that's not just a mom, but a mom whose motherhood plays an integral role in their story and the game. In recognition of Mother's Day, we have named the 15 most memorable video game moms. Not all of these moms can be considered "good" parents, but all of them, even the evil ones, have stood out as the most memorable moms in gaming history. Healer-sniper Ana is one of the founding members of the titular Overwatch group in Overwatch. She is a seasoned combat veteran with remarkable healing abilities, but her lifelong duty as a soldier strained her relationship with her daughter, Pharah.

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This time around, no consideration will be given to maternal instincts or how a woman carries out her parental obligations. There are a of Fire Emblem hotties who were considered for this list. The salacious Sonia was an obvious candidate, but she ended up being a delusional tramp who merely passed herself off as a mother.

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Igrene was another candidate, but describing her as a MILF would be in bad form considering her kid died. In the end, I decided that Lady Louise is most deserving of a place on this list.

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While many of her peers are content singing and dancing for their husbands, Louise takes to the battlefield to defend her family. Thanks to the wonders of time travel, Bayonetta was introduced to a younger version of herself. The reason why the child was so confused is that Bayonetta was the splitting image of their mother, Rosa.

Rosa looks and fights like her daughter, and she even dresses in a similar fashion. Unfortunately, Rosa is a little more reserved and not nearly as fun. Vanessa is a great fit for this list since she was added to the King of Fighters series specifically to contrast the numerous teenage girls on the roster. Vanessa may have been rated higher on this list if not for the fact that the votes were video game milfs with another red-headed spy who wears sexy business attire, enters fighting tourneys, and infiltrates criminal organizations while still raising on the side.

With Nene out of the running, Mistress Aya becomes the obvious choice. Aya is a virtuous woman who participates in military campaigns in order to uphold the morality of the army.

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Aya is a source of inspiration and is known as a warrior of purity, but you know what they say about the nice ones. Lady on the streets, freak in the sheets. Jessie was a teenage mom who dropped out of school and started making adult films to make ends meet. She never loses touch with her wild side and overcompensates for her lost youth after her daughter grows up. Some of the fine women on this list are being imagined into roles that they would never actually fall into, but HuniePop is intended for adult audiences and a woman like Jessie would be proud to be called a MILF.

Nina became a mother without even knowing it. Forced to become a test subject for amoral research, Nina was placed into cryogenic sleep for nearly 20 years. During this time, she was unknowingly impregnated via in-vitro fertilization and gave birth to a son.

She had no recollection of what had transpired when she awoke, but the experiment had created a scenario in which Nina was only a few years older than her. Crimson Viper is a CIA spy tasked with bringing down a notorious crime syndicate, but she still finds time for her daughter.

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To steal a line from Paul Rudd, I wonder if the carpets match the pubes. Viper is hard to read, but that just makes her more alluring.

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A black mage with a no-nonsense attitude, Lulu keeps her emotions to herself and seldom smiles. Her life is marred by tragedy, but she continues to move forward and never stops building meaningful relationships. Lulu is a ravishing woman, and her fur-trimmed corset and impossibly-low neckline do a fantastic job of advertising her goods.

Sophitia is an honorable woman and a courageous warrior who should be commended for her selflessness and steadfast devotion to her family.

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She has grown considerably since her first appearance in Soul Edge. If nothing else, I think we can all appreciate how her breasts got larger with each new entry in the series. If based solely on beauty, Sophitia would probably have earned the top spot on this list. The picture of elegance and grace, Sophitia carries herself like a goddess.

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The sadistic trollop loves to blur the lines between pleasure and pain, and she has no modesty when it comes to her sexuality. Do you agree with this list? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below. Your opinion matters! Night Mode.

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