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Olympic Park, London CNN -- The face of the Olympics is well known the world over: athletes winning, losing, straining every sinew of their bodies in the pursuit of podium glory. But behind the scenes there is another story of the athletes' lives and the use of their bodies, one that centers on their time staying at the Olympic Village. It's not a secret, everyone knows! Why do you think they give away so many condoms?

The Athletes' Village at the Olympic Games is a unique environment: Nearly 3, tightly packed apartments, containing over 10, village sex life game the world's finest athletes who have traveled from more than countries around the world to stay for a two-week sporting jamboree. A potent mix of fit, body beautiful, young people -- many of whom have abstained from sexual intercourse as part of a disciplined training regime -- being in the same place, at the same time; cocooned from the outside world by tight security and often reveling in the glory of success and attention of devoted crowds and the world's press.

Olympics live blog. It is maybe only human nature that people, when placed together, procreate to some extent, but that libidinous cocktail means London officials were right if the experiences of Sydney and Atlanta were anything to makecondoms -- a record for the modern Games -- available to the Village's frisky inhabitants, according to CNN's source. It's just fun, they are excited to be with the athletes. Let me say this I feel bad to say it but my coach actually guarded the door the night before me and my roommate were racing because of our reputations!

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But it didn't affect me like that. When I raced after sex I felt light on my feet. Hope Solo told it basically like it is," said the runner, referring to the U. Solo is one of the few current athletes to have been candid about her experience of the Village environment. I've seen people having sex right out in the open. On the grass, between buildings, people are getting down and dirty.

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The anonymous runner who spoke to CNN, said that he found himself in the exact situation Solo had described, despite the surveillance of airborne security at the Village employed after a bomb exploded at the Atlanta Games in The girls in there said, 'Oh, we finish in an hour, what are you guys doing? They asked if they could walk with us, and all I will say is we didn't make it back to the room -- and this with the helicopters flying over with their searchlights!

It was OK, we were under trees. Shenanigans that would conceivably come as no surprise to swimmer Ryan Lochte and winner of five medals in the London pool. Solo believes the friendly nature of the Games makes it easy to meet people.

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Athletes from the Bahamas, Jamaica, friends that you keep with on the circuit all excited about being there. The Olympic spirit somehow touches everyone. So I went to the medical center which ultimately led to me having a rub down and I remember the very pretty lady who was going to treat me. She said: 'Please take off your clothes' and then she said 'Oh my God, look at your body, I've never seen a body like this! Olympic athletes' extreme eating habits. However, it is not just the sexually-charged nature of the Athletes' Village that makes it such unique accommodation.

According to former meter men's champion Linford Christie, the Village offers a unique opportunity to spend time, and often to make friends, with other athletes and even rivals.

It's a way to take your mind of the pressure of your event," said Christie, who is working with CNN during the Olympics. I collected autographs in there, for other people. I met Frankie Fredericks that way. I've got a good friend who was a German handball player and have friends from swimming as well as track and field. I met people through sport that I would never have met otherwise.

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The Village also creates an environment in which national teams can bond. It's fun, you can hang out with superstars and you get a chance to talk to people instead of being cocooned in a hotel on your own somewhere. Kriss Akabusi, a veteran of the Los Angeles and Barcelona Games, also felt staying at the Village was a vital part of the Olympic experience. The best of the best are there and everything is available for your needs," he said. You can decide whether or not you want to speak to the press or not. If you have a niggle then there's a doctor, physio, all there ready to go," the meter runner and hurdler told CNN.

We could e-mail and get information straightaway as it was the beginning of Internet facilities. It was phenomenal Games. And if people were getting jiggy that's fine but that wasn't my experience or a lot of other athletes. Print More sharing Reddit. London Olympics. Eddie Izzard: Olympics bad for bigots.

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Bolt wins social media race. His blistering pace and larger-than-life antics made him the king of the track in London, and bolstered his claims to be a "living legend. Olympics: Why Africa fell by the wayside.

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The Olympics are generally won and lost long before the opening ceremony cauldron is touched by fire. Trust the British to get it right. Olympics redefine Britain's view of self. Strategist Alastair Campbell says he never imagined London would be quite the triumph it turned out to be. Olympic closing ceremony in photos. Olympics' top sporting moments. From Usain Bolt's record-setting achievements to an unexpected Ugandan gold, London has provided a wide array of highlights. Looking back at London London Olympics: Queen to closing.

It's been just over two weeks since the Queen parachuted into London's Olympic Stadium, her apricot dress flapping in the breeze. The greatest Olympic distance runner.

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When the world's top marathon runners bid to win Olympic gold, they would do well to draw inspiration from one of the greatest athletes in the history of track and field. Games redefine how Britain sees itself.

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Alastair Campbell always thought London would be a success, but never imagined it would be quite the triumph it has turned out to be. Genocide survivor's Olympic mission. Adrien Niyonshuti is unlikely to win an Olympic medal, and he will do well to even finish his event, but his story is surely one of the most inspirational. Games give London with a golden glow. Olympic fever has cheered up London and made it a more welcoming place, but will optimism be one of the legacies of the Games?

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London The women's Olympics? London is the first Olympics to feature women in every national team, with Jacques Rogge hailing a "major boost for gender equality. Gymnast vaults from rags to riches.

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Golden girl Ennis: I'd do it for nothing. Britain's hero Jessica Ennis is set to cash in after winning heptathlon gold, but the poster girl of the Olympics says fame is not her motivation. China rallies around fallen hurdler Liu. China is rallying around fallen hurdler Liu Xiang after he failed to make it past the first-round heat for a second consecutive Olympics. The first Olympic speed queen. The first woman to win Olympic gold almost died in a plane crash, but remarkably returned to run again for the U. Moscow Death of a dream.

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Don Paige could not bear to watch the race he knew he could win. The Moscow Olympics were the death of a dream for many athletes. The Underdogs: Olympics' true heroes. While Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt grab the headlines, little-known athletes from around the world keep alive the original spirit of the Olympics.

Hunger Games: Eat like an Olympian. Athletes spend years eating the right foods How do they do it?